J & J Promotional Products is a direct result of the passion of working with people. It opened its service in June 2014.  It has been a great adventure in serving its clients. It is our job to make your purchase fun and seamless. 

Jim has over 35 years in the auto industry in every facet of the business from mechanic to sales to wholesale buying.  His love for classic cars keeps him close to any auto.  He loves buying a car at a good price and selling the car at a very competitive price.  He thrives best in the sales industry and he loves to compete with prices and quality.  Jim is extremely diligent about providing only the best of quality for a good and competitive price AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Judy has a B.S. in Organizational Management and an MBA from the University of La Verne.  Her over 20 years of service in the corporate office at Southern California Edison gave her demonstrated experience in the corporate arena.  Her project management skills and the ability to multi-task provide the business the advantage to be organized and structured to process orders with an efficient and continuous flow. Judy is a definitely a people-person and looks to provide her clients the most "unique" and "useful" products to brand their organization.  She prides herself on being competitive to everyone on the internet and will work with you to ensure you get the best price and product you are looking for.  Judy ensures each and every client receives "Old Fashion Service in a High Tech World".

The Moores invite you to price the web before calling us so that you can be assured we provide you with the best price and product.